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Our CCW class is designed to give you, the student, the training you need to obtain your Concealed Carry Permit from the State of Ohio.  A CCW permit is required by the State of Ohio before you can legally carry a handgun concealed on your person while in public or in a motor vehicle.

Your instructor for this class is an active duty police officer who has over 24 years of experience in law enforcement and the military.  Upon successful completion of our training, you will qualify to apply to the State of Ohio for your CCW permit.  Your Ohio Concealed Carry License permits you to carry concealed in 31 states (including Ohio). 
Click here to see the states in which your license is recognized.

As a major added value, upon successful completion of our CCW class and receipt of your CCW permit, you are eligible to receive one year of free legal service from our  owner attorney's law firm, Stiefvater Law, LLC:

If you ever have to fire your handgun in defense, he will respond to assist you with your initial statement to the authorities. 
Click here for details.  Your initial statement to responding law enforcement is critical for legally determining whether you were justified or not in defending yourself.  Don't pass up this unique opportunity to gain this most valuable asset, simply by completing our class.

Our Ohio concealed carry class consists of a mandatory 10 hours of classroom instruction which includes how to safely and legally own, use, care for and store your firearm.  Our training is designed to fit both first time handgun owners as well as seasoned shooters.  Unlike some other trainers, we limit our class size so that we can provide you with personalized attention and training.

In addition to the classroom training, you will receive 2 hours of range instruction.  During this time you will complete a variety of drills which will provide you with a basic shooting skill set.  Our range instruction will leave you confident in your ability should you ever find it necessary to defend yourself.


$135/person (plus $20 Range fee during winter season)

Group, military, and teacher discounts available.

Contact Trident Safety, Security, and Defense, LLC for details.

Students must provide eye and ear protection, handgun, 2 magazines (or 1 speed loader for revolver shooters), 200 rounds of ammunition, and a holster for the range portion of the class.  Limited equipment is available from Trident Safety, Security, and Defense, LLC at an additional cost.

Order your ammo here:

Contact Trident Safety, Security, and Defense, LLC if you have any questions regarding the required equipment and/or rental fees.